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Need Water Testing and Analysis Services?

We can help you analyze the flow and quality of your water in Central Alberta

Measuring water quality with a digital device

Reliable Real Estate Water Flow Testing in Central Alberta

At Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd, we provide comprehensive water flow testing and analysis services in Central Alberta. Understanding the capacity, safety and quality of your well is not only important to make sure you have reliable access to clean water, but also essential for real estate transactions. Some of the services we provide include:

Water Flow Testing for Government Grants and Incentives

If you are drilling a well in Alberta, you might have the possibility of receiving a government grant that covers some of the drilling costs. However, to be eligible for the incentive you must have your well tested first. At Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd, we can conduct flow and quality tests for your wells so that you can prove you have reliable access to clean water and have part of the drilling costs covered.

Water Testing and Documentation for Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it might be a mandatory step to have the water well tested. Considering this scenario, we provide water testing, sampling, and analysis to officially state whether the water is appropriate for consumption or adequate for the intended use.

Water Well Chlorination and Disinfection

Depending on the age and conditions of your well, it can become contaminated with undesirable bacteria. For that reason, it is important to make sure your drinking water supply is tested and that the water you have access to is proper for consumption. Providing chlorination and disinfection services, we can help you greatly improve the quality of your water supply.     

Other Flow Test and Water Analysis Services

  • Testing and documentation for oil, gas, and seismic activity

  • Testing water wells for draw down and recovery rate

  • Long-term testing and monitoring (24 or 48+ hours) for well licensing

  • Water sampling for specialized testing, metals, hydrocarbons, etc.

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