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"Well, that's our business!"

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Installation of pumps and pressure systems.

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Repairs to existing water systems.

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Well chlorination and disinfection, well abandonment and plugging, water well flow testing and sampling.

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Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. was proudly purchased by Murray & Gale Page in 2020. As a family, they are happy to continue running the service side of the company and assisting the community they love!

Murray Page is a Journeyman Water Well Driller and Certified Pump Installer with over 23 years of experience.

About Us

Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd., a family-owned company that has provided great services to Albertans. Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. provides a broad range of water well services; from installation of pumps and pressure systems, repairs to existing water systems, well chlorination and disinfection, well abandonment and plugging, and water well flow testing and sampling. Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. is pleased to provide free estimates. 

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Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. is able to meet your water requirements by offering a complete range of pump and pressure systems. We size the system to meet the well capacity and well-owner requirements. We supply and install submersible pumps by Goulds and Grundfos. We also supply pressure systems using Well-X-Trol® pressure tanks.

A constant pressure system using a variable speed drive is also available for new or existing wells. The constant pressure system uses a pressure sensor to adjust the pump speed to maintain a constant water pressure.

Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. is equipped to offer a full scope of repairs and maintenance to existing systems. Pump installations and repairs are completed by certified pump technicians. Please note, a water well pit has the potential to be oxygen deficient and can pose extreme danger. Only qualified personnel should enter your water well pit.

  • Installation with modern service equipment

  • Repairs for most water well pump models

  • New and replacement water well pumps

  • Pump warranty with 5 years on most models

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Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. conducts flow testing to assess the volume of water that a water well produces. By checking the flow rate of the well and measuring the water levels, we can determine the well's capacity to supply water. Testing of water wells is normally conducted prior to any oil, gas or seismic activity to provide a baseline of information for both parties. We also test for real estate transactions, whether purchasing or selling property, or to test the viability of an existing water well.

Water sampling is done to ensure that the water is suitable for the intended use. Drinking water and livestock water should be tested to find out if it's safe for consumption. It is important to collect samples in the appropriate containers.

  • Testing and documentation for real estate transactions

  • Testing and documentation for oil, gas and seismic activity

  • CBM testing

  • Testing water wells for draw down and recovery rate

  • Long-term testing and monitoring (24 or 48+ hours) for well licensing

  • Water sampling for chemical and bacterial analysis

  • Water sampling for specialized testing, metals, hydrocarbons, etc.


Water Well Chlorination and Disinfection

Water wells can become contaminated with undesirable bacteria through a variety of sources. It is important to test your drinking water supply by having a regular water analysis completed. If your analysis shows any bacterial contamination, your well should be shock chlorinated to eliminate any bacterial problems. Lousana Water Wells Servicing Ltd. has the knowledge and equipment to properly chlorinate your well and pressure system.



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